“I can be a much more balanced and less guilt-ridden dog parent knowing that Pasha & Maddie are happy with their friends while I’m at the gym or with MY friends and family. The consistency of care and training between households is crucial and I always feel secure in knowing we are all on the same page, just like one big extended family!”
— Katie, mom of Pasha & Maddie (client since 2008)

“I always feel much better knowing that Bones is with a caring group of people and that he goes outside all day when I don't have time to be there.”
— Jenni (client since 2013)

“Our dogs are like our children which means we only trust our family to care for them. Ashley is part of that family. She is patient, attentive and just so loving to our pets. Simply put, we wouldn’t bother calling anyone else!”
— Michelle & Carole, moms of Rufus, Dante & Eloise (clients since 2006)

"Anyone in L.A. who is considering sending their dogs to daycare should send them to Romp N Roll.  With the pick up and drop off, and the awesome rates, there's really no comparison."
— Nicole & Jackie, moms of Dexter & Renly (clients since 2013)

"I can't imagine my life without Ashley and this amazing service."
— Zac, dad of Amelia (client since 2010)

"I'm pretty sure my dog is happier at Romp N' Roll than anywhere else in the world."
— Rachel & Dan, parents of Wiley (clients since 2011)

“The fine folks at Romp *N* Roll take my Duke on long strolls and get him ready for bikini season.”
— Jon, dad of Duke (client since 2010)

"There are not many people and places I would entrust with a loved one but I leave her with Romp N Roll with 100% confidence and peace of mind."
— James, dad of Mary (client since 2014)

“After starting a new job, which was stressful enough….hiring Ashley for house-sitting and dog-walking, was absolutely the best decision. She provides reliable and flexible pet care that I would (and have) recommended to anyone! They’re always accessible, wonderful to deal with and she genuinely cares about my dog Tex. I couldn’t be happier!”
— Lori, mom of Tex (client since 2009)

“Thank you so much for everything! I can’t tell you how much of a difference I see in Maggie…she is somehow both more energized AND calm…a very happy girl! I went through a lot of effort to find the right fit for my wonky lifestyle and her personality, I truly am just so grateful to have found you! Many thanks!”
— Alexis, mom of Maggie (client since 2011)