How do I get started?

Call us (323 600 3302) or email us ( and we’ll schedule a meet and greet. (We must visit with you and your dog before any service arrangements are made.)

When we meet, we’ll review some basic info so we know your pet’s likes and dislikes. Then we’ll introduce your dog to a few new friends (without Mom or Dad around), and see how they interact. Dogs at Romp *N* Roll each have their temperament evaluated to determine individual play-style and needs. If all goes well, your dog will become an official member of the Romp *N* Roll pack.

For safety reasons, we can’t accept dogs for boarding that demonstrate visible signs of hostility or aggression.

What vaccinations are needed?

Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Young pups that are still getting all their shots are OK.

To keep fleas under control, regular treatment of all dogs is required. If we find fleas on your dog, we will notify you and treatment will be required before your dog can return. We always have treatment on hand if you need assistance with this.

Do you offer dog transport services?

Romp *N* Roll is your personal pet taxi. Our staff will swing by the house or work. Just let us know where your pet needs to go, and we can give you a price.

What about pet errands?

Yes! We can run any pet-related errand — food or medication pickup, groomer visits, vet visits. There is a small charge.

Do I need to make reservations?

Reservations are never mandatory, but recommended because we have limited space and fill up fast.

Should I send my dog with his belongings (blanket, toys, etc.)?

Romp *N* Roll offers nothing but the best for your pet. We are fully equipped with all varieties of toys, balls, bowls, crates, dog beds, etc. to insure the most comfort and fun for your camper. If your dog enjoys a special toy or blankie, you can send it along, but just know it may not be returned in its original condition!

What about food?

We want your camper to have what they are used to at home, so we recommend sending their normal food. We also have plenty of top-quality food on hand that we are happy to share for a small fee.

Can you administer meds?

Sure. Romp *N* Roll staff will give your pet their meds at no extra charge.